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Our bamboo fly box will be your best companion and to hold flies under any kind of weather. Our collection might seem small for now, but we bring you the best only when its ready. Our low carbon footprint materials and sustainable manufacturing brings out the beauty of bamboo.

Bamboo, along with plum blossom, orchid, and chrysanthemum, are the four plants considered worthy to represent nobles in ancient China. Bamboo represents perseverance, patience, and simplicity.

Bamboo, although grows with a hollow stem, is the strongest of them all. It can withstand the most severe weather conditions without breaking. Although it might sway to the strongest wind, it can never bend.

Bamboo, although withstands severe environment, it requires patience to grow. It lies dormant for the first four years then grow to full height in the fifth. Although it might seem to stop growing, it only reveals its full potential when ready.


Bamboo, although it seems to take a long time to grow, it doesn’t need much processing to be used. It can be used with much less processing than any kind of wood. Although it might seem bland, it needs little work to show its true beauty.


Our belief

The waterproof bamboo fly box are the results of excellent craftsmanship and representation of producer's tireless work and passion. All the products are the apple in our eye, and we hope you treat them like we do.

The products are first designed based on users' feedback, then produced under highest standard/great caution for details. Every one of them is unique and irreplaceable. 30 years of expertise gives us plenty of experience in calculating cost and benefit, but our persistence in quality won't allow us to compromise in anyway.

We believe that every step throughout manufacturing procedure cannot be bargained or compromised. Our products speak for our brand. They represent our company culture, believe and perseverance.
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